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Teresa's passion for the beauty industry standards are displayed in the excellence with which she leads by example educating, serving, and coaching clients while inspiring them to reach their career focused goals.

Teresa S. McCurry 

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The Testimonials

“I was determined that my faith and tenacity would someday be introduced to my destiny.”

Teresa S. McCurry


Terry Shropshire, Editor at-Large

“Only after editing Runnin’ Things was I able to comprehend the magnitude of an extraordinary woman’s divinely-inspired pursuit towards the fulfillment of her destiny. Teresa is one of God’s gifts unveiled in the form of a multifaceted businesswoman. Truly inspirational.”

Dr. Yolanda L. Spoony CPA., PhD

Amazing! This Woman’s vision has to be from GOD! Teresa saw the potential business growth and opportunity for my business before I did... she is AMAZING!

Assata Jefferson, Salon Owner

I attended Teresa’s P.P.E.W. workshop not long after I received my cosmetology licenses. The information she shared was priceless. Through her coaching I learned about becoming all I am meant to be; About living a life of passion, purpose, and impact? Teresa has created opportunities for me to soar as a person and as a Stylist/ educator. Her impact has been enormous. Who I am becoming is due in no small way to Teresa's support, encouragement, and commitment.

Assata Jefferson Salon Owner – Perfections of Beauty Hair Salon Atlanta, GA.

Susan Turner Salon Owner

I want to recommend Teresa Mccurry to everybody. As a business coach / mentor, she has been a tremendous help to my business and personal life. Teresa has gently pushed me over the past 3 years to get out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally. She has helped me keep calm and think positive. With Teresa’s background as a Salon & Spa Owner and business woman she brings a lot of experience and wisdom to our conversations. "She coached me for several months and got me up headed in the right direction. She is a great inspiration. She will produce for you and help you to create more of a business than you ever thought you could. Call Super Tee!"

Susan Turner Salon Owner –Something Natural Salon! Sandusky, Oh.

Runnin' Things Available Now!

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Runnin' Things by Teresa S. McCurry - CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

runnin things coverRunnin’ Things is both the story of an inspiring entrepreneur and a guide to practical business principles for the Christian small-business owner. The author teaches from her own experience and the Bible what it takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s world. This tenth anniversary edition is expanded to include more information on what you need to run a business as well as a simple guide on how to do your own marketing in the twenty-first century. It also includes online resources to help you along the way. The entrepreneurial journey is complex and yet probably one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have. This book will enlighten, empower, and most of all, it will inspire you to reach your full potential.






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Runnin' Things: The Resilient Spirit of an Entrepreneur Runnin Things Cover
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The four part Workshop Series are based on my book "Runnin' Things". The workshop series simply stated is..."An inspirational opportunity designed to assist people to get their minds prepared and energized to follow their passion and start their entrepreneurial journey."

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"Who better to write a book on entrepreneurship than the entrepreneurial beauty queen of Cleveland? Teresa’s knowledge and experience will be a sure help to those looking start their own business as well as those veterans that have been in business for some time. . ."

Alexis E. Afzal, Executive Director,

Alex Community Development Corporation








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