TERESA_CHAIRTeresa McCurry began her profession as a stylist over 30 years ago, but in just a few short years she had owned and operated a successful salon. Then went on to open a full service Salon & Spa. After become proficient at the salon business, Teresa went on to become a Platform artist and educator for L’Oréal  Brand Professional Products Division  MIZANI.  Through her Impact as an educator, she quickly discovered her ability to inspire fellow Beauty Entrepreneurs through the formulas, processes and “Inspirational Recipes” that she had developed could also help other Beauty Entrepreneurs and salon owners grow their businesses.HBP - 319 Teresa-=standing

Most importantly, she realized that she could help business owners achieve success more quickly and with less challenges by teaching them what it took her years to learn and develop through her own trial and error experiences.

Teresa has now helped hundreds of Beauty Entrepreneurs Nationwide achieve more success and make more money by teaching them her formulas, T.I.P.S and Runnin’ Things success habits. She has coached individuals and small groups. Teresa serves as a guest artist and salon trainer helping to keep Beauty Entrepreneurs on the cutting edge simply because what Teresa teaches truly works.

Teresa’s wisdom and Inspiration have helped countless Beauty Entrepreneurs professionals. YOU are Teresa‘s most important client.  Her passion for life and her drive to Inspire are contagious. One can only benefit from the personal attention that only Teresa can deliver. To learn more about Teresa’s Beauty Entrepreneur Coaching, Inspirational Speaking or book signing, contact Teresa TODAY !.